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Customer Support

  • The orders which are place before 3:00 pm will be deliver on the same day, while the orders which will place after the given time will be deliver on next day.
  • The orders which are from Lahore will be delivering from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.
  • When you place your desired order our staff will contact you on your provided phone number for the confirmation of your address but keep it in mind that your given address and phone number will be exact.
  • You can pay for your delivered products by cheque or you can also pay by giving the cash to our sales staff.
  • If you want to pay via cheque then the cheque should be made on the name of
  • You can send your order amount to our office address, or you can also send your payment to our online Standard Chartered Bank.
  • If you want to pay on delivery or via Cheque than you have to place the order of more than Rs 30,000