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Canon EOS 700D Price & Specifications

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Canon EOS 700D


0315 4000 7940315 4000795
  • 18.0 Megapixel
  • 1 Year Genuine Warranty
  • Full HD Movie
  • Delivery across in pakistan
  • Pay cash on delivery
  • Choose a model Price


  • Photography

    Full HD Movie: Yes
    Rear Camera Pixel: 18.0 

  • Features

    LCD Size: 3.0 inch
    Built in Flash: Yes
    Memory Type: SD 
    Warranty: 1 year genuine

  • Hardware

    Battery Life:  440 Shoots

Product Introduction

Canon EOS 700D

The Canon 700D has long been one of our favorite cameras, the brand has long become synonymous along with the DSLRs (accompanied by the Nikon obviously) and this is one of its greatest affordable models of all time. Though, the cameras are not novels or albums and that’s why it must ultimately stand aside for something that is still better. In this case that would be the Canon 750D and 760D, the two cameras are theoretically identical however the 760D caters for enthusiasts (along with the top-mounted information LCD as well as the additional mode dial) whereas the more basic 750D has less controls and it is objected at novices who still needs good image quality.

Design and features

Undoubtedly Canon has makes some eccentric SLRs, however for its three-digit user models, we have found in the past that this status is somewhat unjustified. May be this is because the competitors have had to try that bit difficult to compete. The Nikon D5200 features a 39 point autofocus sensor, compared to the nine points of 700D. The Pentax K-30 has a meaningfully larger viewfinder as well as the dual command dials, features that are just available in costlier EOS versions.

The earlier 600D and its ancestors also underwent from the different minor issues. Autofocus was embarrassingly slow in the live view mode and even worse during the recording of videos. We also found that the main autofocus sensor (while shooting along with the viewfinder) often resisted to get pixel-sharp results from along with the 18-55mm kit lens. This left consumers along with the ill-starred choice of fast or reliable focusing, not the type of decision we would need to make after spending over a good worth on a camera.

The 700D was between the elusive updates in the item line in its history of eight years. In contradiction with the earlier Canon 650D, there is a latest EF-mount kit lens, a couple of elusive cosmetic changes (not including the product name badge) as well as the capability to preview the creative filters while composing shots in the live view mode.

Possibly it is the delicate update; however it is worth paying the additional for the latest kit lens as well as also the phase-detect autofocus points that are unified onto the main imaging sensor, which were introduced in the Canon 650D. The latest lens features the similar optical specifications just like the earlier one; however its STM suffix (little for stepping motor) designates that it is designed for smooth operation while the recording of videos. The Mostly SLR lenses are designed to jump rapidly to the required focus. This one can do this while focusing for images; however in video mode it slithers smoothly as well as noiselessly during the recording. The touchscreen, another feature that was introduced for the 650D, plays an impressive role here also, permitting a touch-for-spot-focus function, complete along with the subject tracking.

Autofocus and Performance

The main autofocus sensor contains the 9 auto focus points, all of which are cross-type for the improved sensitivity. They are fast to respond however, we will give preference to have more of them. It is less of an issue while shooting the landscapes, however when focusing on a small zone like the eye of the subject, we found that the configuration of the image inclined to be uttered through the situation of the nearest autofocus point. The D5200 is more redeeming along with its 39 points, which also permits for a subject tracking mode. It could make shooting fast-moving objects a bit complicated, especially for the first time dSLR owners testing along with the manual mode.

The burst shooting rate is 5 frames per second, and while saving the JPEGs to a fast card it kept going till the card was full. Though, allowing the correction for chromatic deviations took a heavy toll, along with the performance slowing to 2.1 frames per second after only 3 frames. It is annoying that this correction cannot be automatically inactivated while the continuous mode is selected. The raw shooting rate was 5 frames per second for the 6 frames.

Video Mode

The video mode has been converted through the latest lens that makes this the first EOS camera that can be utilized like a point-and-shoot video camera. The Manual focus and exposure is also available, and along with a lot of lenses to select from, it is a promising choice for the serious videographers. This is increased through the latest Video-X Picture Style profile which delivers the flatter colour response that provides more scope to pinch in post-production.

Image Quality

Canon EOS cameras infrequently throw up any amazement for the image quality. Without any distinguishable difference among the output of 700D and 650D, that is definitely right here. Obviously, the output quality of the sensor has not changed much since the 550D was unveiled earlier in year 2010, however the latest DIGIC 5 processor introduced in 650D handles noise at fast ISO speeds which is actually a bit better. There was a lot of sharp detail in its 18 megapixel images, and subtle skin textures were controlled exceptionally. Though, the solid textures like verdure seem much better in the raw output of the camera as compared to the JPEGs.

Final Verdict:

We have always appreciated the images of EOS cameras as well as the 700D is no exemption. For the very first time here is the user-oriented camera that provides that sublime quality without any significant drawbacks. The competitor cameras features more classy autofocus or the larger viewfinders or the exceptional video modes, however nothing else at this cost is as reliable. The image quality of the camera is also impressive as it gets, and everything else ranges from the good to exceptional. Along with the masses of well-matched lenses that are available, this camera actually is a benign bet.

The Canon 700D kit is available at an affordable cost. That is a massive saving for a camera that still takes exceptional images through the modern standards, it does not have as advanced autofocus or the video capabilities like its successor however if your subjects are not normally slashing regarding the place then the user will might be fair just fine.


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