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Sony NEX-5 review

Published On 03-June-2015

Sony has converted itself along with the $750 Sony NEX-5R. The mirror-less camera that you are going to review about represents everything that a successful advancement should: its performance has been enhanced in all ways; the touchscreen inclines in every way while the design has just been changed for the betterment. This camera is also the first Sony mirror-less camera that contains WiFi, accompanied by the latest PlayMemories Camera Apps of the company. Wireless connectivity of the camera is indisputably becoming a famous addition in the top leading models; however that doesn't mean that this camera is a feature users or demanding.


The NEX series of Sony has preserved a basic form factor from the time of its inception, huge lens closely flush along with the left of the camera, a noticeable hold on the traditional side of the camera. The 5R holds some main styling from the 5 and also 5N that was introduced earlier, especially the slightly boxy design as well as the textured plastic grip of camera. The shoulder strap of the camera stands have also been moved just similar to the positioning of Sony NEX 7, whereas the stereo microphones stay on the top. The top position of mic is promising for recitation; however it is not good for giving interviews, where the consumer would expectedly want to add $130 microphone of Sony.

On the bottom side of Sony NEX 5 there is a grouping of battery or SDXC compartment, contrasting to the few other models of NEX. The battery is just similar to the NP-FW50 pack that Sony has been involved since the very first day, providing 1,080mAh battery power. Even though, the user will be able to utilize the older batteries and the chargers as well, that Sony has chosen for micro-USB charging this time about, along with the compact AC adapter that is included in the box. The camera appears to be charge rapidly by utilizing this technique, as well as due to the industry-standard socket, the user will be able to juice up with everything from a laptop to a handheld USB backup cell.

On the left side of camera, afterwards the micro-USB slot, the user will be able to find an HDMI port, just a little below the WiFi logo. Similar to the other producers, especially Samsung, Sony has started manufacturing a heavy push for the wireless connectivity in its mirror-less series, along with its 5R, as well as the NEX-6 after few weeks.

Performance and battery life

For the beginners, this camera snaps away at approximately 10 frames per second, along with the full-resolution captures as well as the phase-detection Auto Focus. The consumer would not require capturing this rapidly in many conditions, however this performance translates also in to the other zones, for example the Multi-Frame Noise Reduction mode the consumer can get the benefit of during capturing in Superior Auto. Based on the current scenes and exposures as well, the 5R might chose to involve this choice, which ardors off the 3 continuous frames and also show a complex image a second or after two seconds.

We always give preference to along without the AF assist light, that’s why the consumer could flip that off just as soon as he would disable the irritating menu beep. Nonetheless, this camera has done a great job by taking the subjects into focus closely in pitch-black situations, also at the 18-55mm kit lens' approximate focal range. We would never observe the performance like this from NEX, even not close to it.

Image quality

Picture as well as the video quality, even at higher ISO settings, was glamorous. The exposure of the camera was naturally spot-on, and we never initiate a requirement to venture elsewhere the automatic white balance setting, along with the each shoot yielding perfect verdicts. We wooed have few problems together with the past NEX models while shooting in tungsten or the vapor light. The ILC also provides a sensitivity range of ISO 100-25,600, which has turn out to be standard between the DSLRs as well as the top leading mirror-less models of these cameras.

Final verdict

We have followed the series of Sony NEX thoroughly, after observing the noteworthy promise along with the initial models of the cameras, the NEX 3 and also the NEX 5. The successors of the current years provide even more blow, and we are enough thrilled along with the 5R. We actually are not influenced that the closed "app" of the company tactic is exceptional for the users, and the Wi-Fi rewards have yet to be demonstrated, however the focusing and the recording enhancements alone create this compact ILC a champion. Sony has covered its promise to the photography community along with the very study earlier series, as well as anyone on the search for a market-leading camera should preserve the NEX 5R.

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