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Sony Alpha DSLR-A500 review

Published On 18-June-2015

Sony has imprinted a place for them by manufacturing well-specified digital SLRs, along with the few interesting features, usually provided for a very appealing cost. The Sony Alpha 500 is no omission along with its 12.3 Mega Pixel CMOS sensor, Quick Auto Focus Live View, Articulating display Screen and in-body image stabilization on offer for approximately £530 accompanied by the 18-55mm lens, or for a shade that is available at almost £480 for just the body.


The Alpha 500 seems quite expensive. A 12.3 Mega Pixel CMOS APS-C sized sensor deceits at the heart of the camera, that provides quite resolution for large prints, even though it also promise to produce snaps along with the low noise at high sensitivities.

The integrated SteadyShot of Sony is also involved, which will lessen the camera tremble along with the pretty much any Sony, Minolta or the appropriate third party Auto Focus lens combined with the camera. It works by moving the sensor just about inside the camera body to respond the movements of the photographer as well as the system promises to permit the shots to be capture at shutter speeds of almost 2.5 to four stops slower as compared to that would usually be needed to attain a sharp shot. A camera tremor meter is placed in the right corner at the bottom of the viewfinder display to help the gauge only to find out that how much you are moving. A penta-mirror type viewfinder is providing 95% field of view is utilized in the Alpha 500, which is quite normal for a camera of this level.

The 3 inches articulating display screen is quite impressive to utilize along with the Live View system, doubling like a waist finder when the consumer don’t needs to risk dirty knees for a low-angle shooting, or moreover it can be tilted downwards for recording just above the height. No doubt that, it would be nice if it could be revolved and also entitled to make recording portrait orientated snaps quite easily. An anti-reflective coating has just been applied to the surface that makes it enough convenient to watch as compared to most in bright light conditions.


The complete fitting and finishing of the Alpha A500 is good, along with the soft rubber placed round about the grip of finger, the side of the body of camera and the place where the consumer’s thumb lies on the rear side of the body. The weight of camera is only 597grams this camera and we can say that it is quite light in weight, particularly along with the standard 18-55mm lens attached. Connections for USB, HDMI and also for the elective remote commander are located on the side of the camera’s body beneath the rubber flaps which close strongly and stay in place well during its use. Generally we all were quite pleased along with the camera controls as well as the construction quality in general.


A 40 segment metering system look out for adjudicating exposure as well as the shutter has a range of speeds from 30 seconds to almost 1/4000 seconds as well as bulb acquaintances are also possible in manual exposure mode. Intermittently in high contrast conditions, we found that the metering system would over depiction; however this could just be pretended in some difficult situations. Mostly the metering system copes very well, making the balanced exposures. Furthermore the automatic scene modes also seem to cope well when utilized properly.

An exposure reparation range of almost +/-2.0EV in 1/3 stop steps could be a bit restricting for some, particularly for those who like to cosset in HDR photography. Auto Exposure bracketing can also be performed, however again this range is restricted to almost 3 frames in either 0.3EV or 0.7EV steps. An extensive range of compensation as well as bracketing choices would be welcomed most of the times.

The flash synchronization speed is only just 1/160 seconds that might create some issues for those desires to utilize the flash in daylight for fill, or for lighting of full camera. This will creates it more difficult to lessen the amount of ambient light in darker conditions without having to recourse to high-speed synchronization along with one of optional external flashguns introduced by Sony.

Battery life

The M series Sony battery delivered along with the Alpha 500 offers a lot of power. During test we took more than 500 shots, several along with Live View as well as the integrated flash.

 Final verdict

During the testing of this camera, it has been proved that it is an adept piece of equipment, and the consumer can hold it easily in any way. This camera might not have some of the latest video features that a lot of cameras at this level have contained within, however it creates for that along with a very useful Live View feature, articulating display screen, image stabilizer as well as impressive performance at high sensitivities. Generally it is a compact performer that is more as compared to capable of resilient exceptional results.

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