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Samsung NX3000 Review

Published On 10-June-2015

The Samsung NX3000 is the newest member of famous family of Samsung of interchangeable-lens NX APS-C-format Compacted System Cameras. The camera is sturdy, beautifully constructed, and exceptionally finished as well; moreover it is genuine fashion statement, particularly the gleaming white test sample that has been received by us. The exceptionally constructed body is ergonomically contoured, can fits accurately in small or in large hands, as well as is extremely well balanced when fitted along with either the standard short zoom Samsung 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 Power Zoom ED OIS lens or else the 45mm f/1.8 2D/3D lens (69.3mm corresponding) high-speed portrait lens that was equipped like a substitute.


Along with these features like a 20.3 Mega Pixel APS-C CMOS sensor capable of full resolution-bursts at approximately 5 frames per second (almost 30 frames per second at 5 Mega Pixel resolution) as well as Full high definition 1080p video capture at 30 or on 20 frames per second, the NX3000 is surely no slouch in terms of complete image quality or in the sense of  responsiveness, and under most shooting situations the 35-zone contrast-based Auto Focus system performs very good, attaining the sharp focus rapidly, which origins the focusing zone in use to turn green, convoyed by a discreet chirp if it is permitted. Though, for the record, it offers the sensitivity settings of ISO 100-25600 and an Auto ISO setting, and provides a Dynamic Range Expansion mode that permits the consumer to make HDR images by joining the numerous snaps taken at various exposures, squashy more natural-looking images of scenes with a protracted brightness range. In spite of some if it is impressive specification, its newly introduced status is proof in few regards. The 3 inches Tilting LCD Monitor provides a judicious resolution (by the standards of today) of 460.8k dots and there is no selective Electronic View finder that slides into the camera's dedicated 7-contact hot shoe. That honor is reserved for the cute, fairly powerful short Sigma SEF8A accessory flash (ISO 100 GN in feet, round about 26), comprising with the camera. Its flash head swings rising to almost 1-1/2 inches above the top deck when the device is lifted into operating location, reducing the dreaded red-eye effect.

The back button as well as the dial button locates at the right panel of the LCD is quite generic, and that is undoubtedly a good thing if you are switching from another camera. There is a typical round 4-way toggle switch along with an OK button in the center for recording the labeled functions, (it moreover rotates to converse any function (like an aperture or shutter speed) that is highlighted in blue at the extremity of the LCD) and MENU as well as the Fn buttons. The MENU button offers the access to four main menus for camera, movies, personal settings, along with tools, and then the consumer toggle over to access the sub-menus for all.

As already mentioned, one of the main points of the Samsung NX3000 is its full counterpart of built-in Wi-Fi connectivity options, that are quite easy and intuitive to set up. The system is on-figured to the IEEE 802.11b/g/n standard and it allows the camera to connect directly to iOS or Android mobile devices like the smart phones and tablets as well. Known as Tag & Go, the system is also joined along with NFC technology for easy connection of mobile devices.

The recording with NX3000 was mostly a brilliant experience; however there were a few bugs as well. Though, the LCD is bright and clear,  works good in a lot of shooting situations, and has enough resolution for assessing fine details utilizing the image exaggeration feature, it can be annoying when shooting outdoors in a dark light conditions. When the object is numerously backlit or there is a bright sunlight behind the camera, the consumer sometimes cannot see a thing on the display screen, and exactly have to point and shoot and hope for the best capturing of image.


Video is quite straightforward on the Samsung NX3000, along with four resolution choices: Full high definition 30p (1920 x 1080), High Definition 30p (1280 x 720), SD (640 x 480) as well as VGA (320 x 240) for the little web viewing. The files are MP4 format accompanied by the h.264 codec and the consumer can select between "normal" and "high" quality of levels, together with the high quality being the default setting. There are also many choices for "multi motion" videos, permitting for the .25x playback speed (SD and just VGA resolution) and the videos in any resolution that will play back at almost 5x, 10x or 20x.

Final verdict:

According to our point of view, the Samsung NX3000 is a quite appealing Compact System Camera (CSC) in spite of some foibles. It has the capability of giving exceptional results, as well as its striking form factor definitely creates it a fashion-forward optimal for the individuals who are into style and the substance as well. While writing this review it was living in a ferociously competitive market position soaring approximately $525 along with the16-50mm lens, however has since dropped to almost $360, creating it a very attractive cheap definitely.

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