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Samsung NX210 Review

Published On 02-June-2015

The Samsung NX210 is just a bit away from the addition of a Wi-Fi mode, it is actually very good and it is similar to its predecessor Samsung NX200. Thus, here in this article we actually pay attention on the latest features of the camera however this test also involves our studio test scene.

The Samsung NX210 unveiled by the company in year 2012, just after the seventh months of unveiling ceremony of its predecessor, i-e the NX200. Actually this is a very small production cycle (Also by digital camera standards) that is explained by the fact that the NX210 is quite similar to its predecessor in many ways also including design and technology. Only the main difference between these two models is the addition of Wi-Fi connectivity on the NX210. It moreover permits the consumers to share the images wirelessly, and transfer them on a smartphone, or utilizes a smartphone to remote-control this camera.

This advancement in the camera is part of the strategic move of Samsung towards a complete Wi-Fi-enabled NX mirrorless system series. Together with the NX210, this Korean giant has also proclaimed two more 'Smart' cameras one at the top of the series that is NX20 (replacement of the NX10), and the latest entry-level model NX1000. All these three cameras are manufactured round about the 20 Mega Pixel sensors that are debuted in the Samsung model NX200.

Some of the other little changes involve a bit increased maximum frame rate in continuous shooting (8 vs 7 frames per second), optional USB remote control as well as the hot-shoe mounted external microphone, an optional color shooting mode, along with the compressed raw files on the latest model. The second one should help in the reduction of the very long processing and write times of the NX200. The innovative 18-55mm OIS kit lens has also bit improved, while the version III currently come along with a metal, instead of the plastic base.

Perceivably there are not any major differences between these two cameras, just away from a Wi-Fi position on the mode dial of Samsung NX210. Both these two cameras are available in an attractive all-metallic frame body that seems quite classy though moreover it is defined by Samsung like a 'Retro Modern'. It is undoubtedly an exceptional advancement on the slightly unlovable NX100, which seemed less as it had been styled as well as much similar to the internals of NX10 had been dipped in heated plastic. In its place the NX200 and NX210 features a slim black metallic framework along with a soft-feel paint coating to the grip that provides real impression of quality to the user.

The NX210 camera has the capability to capture still images at almost 8 frames per second, while it has the capability of recording video at almost 1080p30 footage along with the control over shutter speed as well as aperture. The user interface available on the camera provides the user with 'Smart Panel' choice that we have seen for the first time in any camera. This is a simple interactive control display that permits the user for clear and fast access to all main recording and shooting settings.

Even though, the NX210 gives high image quality that is similar to its predecessor, and it is also similar to this camera in a lot of other ways, it might be an interesting choice for the consumers who wish to share their snaps on online sources. 

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