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Nikon D4 review

Published On 22-June-2015

The top notch professional DSLRs don't come every year. As a result, these DSLRs serve like milestones not just in the development of digital cameras but also in the development of professional cameras. The $6,000 (just-body) Nikon D4 is a preview into the changing world of an advanced media. Along with the built in video controls, compatibility along with the latest XQD memory cards, integrated wired networking, as well as the video quality on par accompanied by the best cameras on the market, the D4 is undoubtedly a superlative device that is especially designed to meet the requirements of an ever-evolving professional market. However Nikon has not abandoned the fundamentals; it is an exceptional camera also for the still shoot.

Design and Usability

An enhanced control scheme, built in video controls, as well as the smart additions such as the backlit buttons aid shooters of all sorts, however sometimes the latest layout favors video over still. The Nikon D4 shares a large number of design similarities along with its most immediate predecessor, the Nikon D3s.these two cameras are similar in size and its weight is also almost identical however the D4 has the additional advantages of some advanced specifications.

Along with the larger LCD and a higher-resolution full-frame sensor, the D4 also assistances from an XQD memory slot that is located alongside the CompactFlash slot inherited from the D3s. XQD cards are quite faster as compared to the CF models, along with a pin design that is pointedly less prone to breakage.

The most impressive involvement in the camera is the addition of the back-lit buttons, something that we have not watch out since the Olympus E-620. There are few rightly astonishing engineering feats in the Nikon D4, however it is this simple change that we initiate ourselves thankful for the most. If you expend noteworthy time shooting in the dark, then the Nikon D4 is just going to feel like a blessing.


The Nikon D4 incorporates a remarkable feature set, as you'd expect from a $6,000 professional camera. In addition to blistering shot-to-shot speed, the 51-point autofocus system of Nikon D4 offers perfect focusing even in very restricted light. Nevertheless, sports and wildlife photographers should note that the D4 does not contains some of the more advanced autofocus controls found on the Canon 1D X.

While recording the videos, the D4 pays H.264 AVCHD video compression that is accompanied by the linear PCM audio encoding in a .MOV container. Moreover this camera features a maximum video resolution of almost 1080/30p, along with the choices for 25 and 24p. This camera also has the capability to shoot at 720p, with frame rate choices of 60, 50, 30, and 25 frames per second. A 1920x1080 crop mode is available is along with the 30, 25, and 24 frames per second frame rate choices that utilizes a 1920x1080 share of the image sensor to record a (zoomed in) image that actually gives sharper results.

Moreover Nikon involves the uncompressed High Definition output directly from the HDMI slot, that permits the consumer to bypass in-camera compression altogether.

Nikon utilizes greater density for its video as compared to the Canon, along with the video that tops out at approximately 24Mbps, along with the 12Mbps and 5Mbps, correspondingly, for 720p and also for the 424p modes. Luckily, Nikon moreover involves the uncompressed High Definition output directly from the HDMI slot, that permits the consumer to bypass in-camera compression altogether along with a clean output signal. The video can be recorded directly to specified hard drives. Inappropriately, this might be done without the real recording to the memory cards of the camera; pressing record on the camera drops the output only to almost 720p, abolishing the possibility of terminated recording.


The D4 crosses the boundaries of DSLR performance, and also provides the Canon 1D X a run for its value.

An inspiration of a camera, the Nikon D4 records quite fast, creates usable images even along with the very small little light, autofocuses rapidly and perfectly under almost any situation, contains noteworthy dynamic range, and also provides a host of custom user controls for modification of white and color balance to the content of your heart.

The performance of D4 is incredibly well in our entire testing procedure, exposing the sprawling dynamic range, marvelous low-light traits, as well as the respectable color perfection. Moreover said that, we were a bit intimidated through its erratic white balance, particularly known how frustratingly complicated the setup procedure is for convention white balance.

Final verdict

A fine camera in every respect, the Nikon D4 is a multimedia device that can perform any job easily and effectively.

The Nikon D4 is mainly the striking proof of the seismic shift enduring in the world of proficient photography. Responding to a market where photographers are mostly asked to oblige double-duty like the videographers, Nikon has halfheartedly moved away from its stickler still-camera backgrounds to shoot on video-friendly topographies. 

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