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Canon EOS 7D review

Published On 27-May-2015

Along with the latest introduction of the 18 megapixel Canon EOS 7D, the EOS DSLR family now assertions a fairly linear progression of resolutions in the series of products that previously had a gap between the 15.1 and 16.1 megapixel contributions and also the 21.1 megapixel models. Currently Canon DSLRs can be had together with the 10.1, 12.2, 15.1, 16.1, 18 and 21.1 megapixel sensors. No one else comes to the providing like range. Even though, the 7D accepts some family resemblance to the 50D in terms of its size and weight as well.

There is also a new 19 point autofocus system accompanied by the entire crosswise-points; a newly introduced iFCL i-e (intelligent focus, color and luminance) metering system along with the 63 zones; an innovative quick viewfinder as well as a continuous shooting rate of approximately 8 fps. There is also a new electronic level and an innovative sensor keeps the Canon APS-C sizing of 22.3×14.9mm, that actually results in 1.6X crop factor.

According to the Canon USA press release, this camera will also be delivered in a kit along with the EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM zoom lens of Canon. Canon also involves an eyecup, neck strap, stereo AV and also the USB interface cables; its box also contains a battery pack and charger, CD-ROM software as well as the printed manual of instruction with each camera.

Built-in and Design

The 7D contains a magnesium alloy body while its body is dust and moisture resistant, and also a shutter tested to 150,000 actuations. The built in quality of even entry level DSLRs has always been impressive in the units from different producers, whereas the 7D seems to be constructed and robust brilliantly. The materials, especially the rubber-like patches applied to fascinating surfaces appears to be a cut above the entry level units, like suits a body taking a $1700 price tag. Even though the camera is mainly acquainted to Canon DSLR consumers, there are some differences in the placement of controls from the other present models in the series of canon.

Ergonomics and Controls

The Canon 7D features a profoundly sculpted handgrip along with the prominent thumb rest on the right front and on the back side of the camera’s body, respectively. There is much space on the camera for finger clearance from the lens placement or lens barrel in the front, as well as the shooting finger falls of course crosswise the shutter button. The 7D also contains a quick control button just a little above the menu button. Pushing this button brings up a display screen permitting the access to a a lot of camera shooting settings without having to remedy to the built in menus.

Menus and Modes

Canon is actually trying to cast an extensive net in attracting the probable consumers to the 7D, along with the typical DSLR manual and semi-automatic shooting manners, the 7D flings in some completely automatic shooting modes that provides some consumers inputs, the sort of modes normally found on point and shoots as well as on the entry level DSLRs.


The 3 inches LCD monitor of the camera contains almost 920,000 dot composition and it is also adaptable for 7 levels of brightness. The monitor is usable for the image configuration and to shoot in all however in the difficult situations of bright outdoor light, even though there are few times when it becomes insufficient for the undertaking; although its coverage is 100 percent.


Away from smoothing the pixel gap in the Canon sensor series, the 7D offers Canon an excellent performing camera at the cost that only transpires to also fit into a gulf between the $1100 MSRP of the 50D as well as the $2700 ticket to canter along with the 5DII.

Lens Performance

Canon also offered an EF-S 17-85mm f4-5.6 IS USM zoom lens for this exceptional camera as well as an EF 200mm f2 L IS USM to assists the consumers along with the better explore the potential of the Canon 7D for the sports as well as for the action shots at approximately 8 frames per second.

Video Quality

Video quality of the Canon 7D is impressive at almost 1920x1080p HD resolution. Canon 7D utilizes a CMOS sensor for recording videos and for capturing still images, as well as that sort of sensor can be subject to “rolling shutter effect” which produces vertical stationary objects to seem to be bending like the pans of the camera crosswise the scenes. The 7D does display this effect, which is minor at the normal speed however it can be extent exaggerated by panning quickly back and forth at.

Final verdict

Through the introduction of the Canon 7D, Canon has just fit a camera impressively into the both resolution as well as the price gaps that had previously happened in their DSLR series. Currently there is a smooth progression of resolution from almost 10 mega pixels to 21 mega pixels at crudely 2 or 3 megapixel boosts, as well as $1700 camera to fill this breach between the $1100 50D and $2700 5DII. It is quite difficult to call a $1700 body-only camera an affordable camera, however deliberating the complete performance of the Canon 7D it is enough close to being a good deal.

The auto focus of the camera is also good, image quality if quite impressive, whereas the ISO noise is also good deliberating the resolution. The camera punches along at approximately 8 frames per second when it requires to and will do that all day before the barrier fills if the user is capturing the JPEGS. There is also a perfect 1080p high definition video if the user is not into that king of thing as well as the full package is built excellently and also premeditated to repel the features.

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