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Nikon D3200 With 18-55mm Price & Specifications

  • 2.5
  • (2 Reviews)
Nikon D3200 With 18-55mm


0315 4000 7940315 4000795
  • 24 Megapixel
  • 1 Year Genuine Warranty
  • HD movie recording
  • Delivery across in pakistan
  • Pay cash on delivery
  • Choose a model Price
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NOTE: This Product Has Been DeActivated


  • Photography

    Actual: 24.7 Megapixel
    Effective: 24.2 Megapixel
    HD Movie Recording

  • Features

    LCD Size: 3.0 inches
    Built in Flash: Yes
    Memory Type: SD 
    Warranty: 1 year genuine  

  • Hardware

    Battery Life: 540 shots

    Dimensions (WxHxD): 5.0 x 3.8 x 3.1" / 12.7 x 9.6 x 7.9 cm
    Weight: 1.0 lb / .45 kg

Product Introduction

Nikon DSLR D3200 With 18-55mm

The Nikon D3200 was the affordable DSLR launch for year 2012 of the company, and it was quite good to rapidly make the earlier D5100 outmoded. In spite of now being more than 3 years old and being succeeded twice, this camera is still widely available from the large stores. At the present costs the consumer can pick up the body-only D3200 for as bit as 15,262Rs, however most are better off picking up the kit along with the 18-55mm lens for 33490Rs. That makes the camera round about 10986 Rs less as compared to the latest Nikon D3300, a generous saving at these already-low costs.

Built-in and Design

The 24 megapixel resolution of D3200 was the main initiative for the budget series of Nikon and remains the usual resolution for the range of Nikon to this day; it has also deliberately more pixels as compared to the 18 megapixel sensor of 1200D. The continuous shooting is at the very respectable 4fps. The display screen of the camera is not uttered however it shares the 921,000-dot resolution of a lot of other precious and costly models of Nikon and is a vast enhancement on the earlier 230,000-dot screen of D3100.

The SLRs of Nikon were the first to provide a customizable Auto ISO mode, permitting the consumer to set the thresholds for shutter as well as the ISO speed for the perfect control over the behavious of the camera in low light conditions. Though, it does not permit for the fact that it is difficult to evade the camera shake at the larger focal lengths.

It is an impressive enhancement; however it is a shame that Nikon did not take the chance to redesign the design of the ISO speed controls. Switching Auto ISO on or off still takes anything to almost20 button pushes. It is also not clear that how the different ISO speed controls associate with one another.

It is ironic to some extent as the ease of use is meant to be one of the main retailing points of the D3200. We like labelled, the single-function buttons as they are so fast to use, however there is an argument that people progression from point-and-shoot compacts prefer the less buttons and menu-driven controls. The D3200 takes this further along with its Guide mode, which falls somewhere among the scene presets and a collaborating photography course. It provides the choice of shooting situations as well as advises which settings to utilize. Though, there are noteworthy gaps in its advice. For instance, it suggests a 1/1,000s shutter speed to halt the motion, then criticizes that the subject is so dark however does not recommends a solution.


Still, everyday use along with the D3200 is not actually bad. It is enough easy to move the autofocus point as well as access drive mode and the exposure compensation settings. A customizable Fn button can be set to handle the speed of ISO or control the white balance, between the other choices. It cannot access the Auto ISO mode, however, or standardize the manual white balance function, these functions are repressed in the rambling main menu.

Video Quality

The camera has the capability to record video at 1080p at 24, 25 or 30 frames per second, whereas the 720p clips are at 50 or at almost 60 frames per second. The autofocus system is obviously designed for the photography instead of recording video, and smattered the soundtrack along with the gentle whines when we half-pressed the shutter button to modernize the focus during recording. It is much better as compared to the video autofocus in the SLRs of Canon, which heave about like an edict in a china shop however it is not as smooth as Panasonic, Sony as well as the Olympus CSCs. Though, the D3300 adds 50 and 60 frames per second choices at the Full High Definition

Photo Quality

The SLRs of Nikon features the exceptional track record for the photo quality; however we were interested to watch out how the 24 megapixel sensor performed. There was a bit more details as compared to that from the 16 megapixel D5100 in the centre of the frame, however the enhancement was not as big as the numbers may recommend.

Final Verdict

The D3200 has some outstanding specifications for an entry-level SLR, particular one that is this old as well as quite inexpensive. It goes up in contradiction of the same-priced however far more new Canon EOS 1200D. Though, the kit lens of Nikon has image stabilization, which the basic 1200D kit does not contains, and the user will needs to pay the additional £40 for it. The Nikon also features the faster continuous shooting plus more megapixels 4 frames per second vs 3 frames per second and 24 vs 18. The sensor of the Canon is maybe slightly superior in terms of the noise levels however not enough to level up the marks against it. The D3300 is a step up, however then at £110 more it is the largest step up in the cost for those who are looking top spend as early as possible, instead you can purchase a nice little lens for that cost. That’s why if you are searching for Canon or Nikon beginner camera then the D3200 should be on priority. 

Product Reviews Write a Review

  • 2.5

    (2) Reviews
  • aslam ali - Lahore

    good camera on best prices

  • Jonetta - ExAKoA3IF

    I liatrelly jumped out of my chair and danced after reading this!

What People Say About Nikon D3200 With 18-55mm

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