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Nikon S7000 Review

Published On 08-April-2015

The latest S7000 compact of Nikon is intended at the point-and-shoot holiday photographer who desires for a versatile zoom range in a convenient hand held package. The main feature of the S7000 is its liberal 20x optical zoom, which associates with the 25-500mm in 35mm terms.

In the camera there is a 20 million pixel back-illuminated CMOS sensor, full High Definition video recording, which is quite much standard these days, together with the Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity, which are now becoming very common.

Build and Handling

The S7000 slips comfortably into one’s pocket or in a small bag; moreover Nikon has gone along with an impartially standard design and built in, along with the control buttons gathered at the right side.

On the top of the camera there is a mode dial, and though there are no labor-intensive or semi-automatic revelation modes there are still a lot of things that the user can change when using Auto mode, also involving the white balance and sensitivity, through main menu.

During shooting in Effects mode the consumer is required to open the main menu every time he want to select a new effect, which is a little faff, it would be quite interesting if the user could do this by utilizing a quick menu as well as a function button. Connecting the camera to user’s smartphone or to the tablet all across Wi-Fi is reasonably quick and easy as well.

The user can set the autofocus point manually on the Nikon S76500, which is not so common and welcome feature for a compact camera at this sustaining level. However, to do this, the user is first required to choose Manual under Auto Focus area mode in the main menu, and then press the OK button in the center of the triangulation pad as well as scroll to the wanted point utilizing the directional keys.


As the consumer would expect for a camera along with a small sensor, the S7000 performs best in bright light conditions. Colours are lovely as well as vibrant and also very perfect, which is quite good to see. Generally, detail is well concentrated: if the user zooms in to 100% then he will see some image smoothing on each sensitivity setting, however this is no worse as compared to the other compact cameras of its sort as well as most of the viewers would not be subjecting his images to such close inspection.

Capturing at the higher sensitivities, like ISO 800 or 1600 leads to more clear loss of detail, however the trade-off is that noise is kept to a minimum as well as the complete impression of detail is pretty good, particularly when snaps are viewed at normal print and on normal web sizes.

The user cannot change the metering mode; however the automatic setting does a reasonable job for the production of perfect exposures without a lot of requirement for exposure compensation, other than when user is shooting in very high contrast situations.

The performance of auto white balance system is also very good, making perfect colours in the majority of conditions, involving under artificial lighting. Detail is well condensed through the lens's optical zoom range. The digital zoom is another issue: it is best sidestepped, unless the user is despairing to get particularly close to a subject, because there is a remarkable drop in image quality.

We liked

The 20x optical zoom is quite enough to cover most of the bases, and makes the camera perfect for walkabout travel as well as for street photography. And contrasting some other 20x optical zoom providing the camera is also very nice and slim, as well as it fits comfortably in user’s pocket.

We disliked

It might have been enough nice to see a touchscreen, because it is likely that Nikon Coolpix S5200 users will also be smartphone users.

Final Verdict

Providing a neat little package for the user’s worth, the S7000 performs good and claims some useful features that will demand to those looking for just a simple family and a holiday camera. The Nikon S7000 provides adaptability as well as worth for money.

Even though, the user cannot take full manual control, the 20x optical zoom is an exceptional asset, and the camera has the capability of manufacturing shots that look great, particularly if they are taken in decent light conditions.

The integrated Wi-Fi is also quite easy to use, if a little restricted in its functions, whereas the Effects mode allows the user to add some fun as well as groovy treatments to his images if he like that kind of thing.

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