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Fujifilm X100F Review

Published On 30-March-2017

It looks like that Fujifilm has painted itself into a corner along with the advanced compact camera, entitled as X100F.

Perhaps the X100F is the most beautiful digital camera ever made, the conclusion of 6 years of refining something that begun as a very beautiful, old-school device (the original X100, earlier in 2011) that was afterwards polished over the years, gradually, as a result to the user feedback.

The X100F, which is the part of the “X” series of high-quality digital cameras, is the one and only member of the series that you might call a "compact" camera.

This camera has got a non-interchangeable lens and, although the grip on this model is slightly (1mm) thicker as compared to the X100 models, still it is enough slim to fit into the consumer’s pocket.

This camera is named as X100F because it is the fourth camera in the X100 series. Initially there was the X100, secondly the X100S, after that X100T, and now the X100F.

By that bond, the next model has also to be the X100F and after that the X100S, the X100S, and it will not be until the X100E that the naming system works again.

A lot of the improvements in the X100F compared along with the X100S are only that: refinements instead of the big changes, little tweaks that let you know that the firm is listening to its fan base.

For example, the consumer can now set the ISO via command dial or via small window on the shutter-speed dial, instead of the only through the menus, a seemingly little thing that can make a big difference to working the camera if the consumer happen to be someone who likes playing along with the ISO.

However, there are few main changes to the X100F that might make it worth advancement, even for someone along with the earlier model.

Mainly, the guzzlers of the camera have been replaced completely, and now the camera contains a 24.3 megapixel sensor (a little bit up from 16.3 megapixels), bringing it into the series along with the other top leading cameras of Fujifilm, the X-T2 and the X-Pro2.

The newly used battery is quite much bigger as compared to the older one, however, don’t expect additional battery life: along with the additional megapixels and the significantly more authoritative image processing engine, Fujifilm required a bigger battery only to maintain the current battery life of the camera.

The hybrid optical or the electronic viewfinder of the camera is better as compared to anything that you will find on a Leica, and it presently it supports a 6x electronic zoom available on it, when the consumer get accustomed to switching the lens dial between zoom mode and the focus mode does make it enough convenient to focus as compared to the earlier.

The new command dial on the front of the camera is also an exceptional addition, just like the joystick on the rear side that permits the consumer to easily move the focus point.

Overall there are exceptional number of  enhancements to the X100F that actually do make the sense the sense that this one is a camera at the top of its game and also this one is the camera all the earlier models have been leading to.

Though, actually there is someplace for Fujifilm to go along with the next mode; of this camera.

So Fujifilm may well have highlighted itself into a corner along with the X100F, however at least it has made sure that there is a door in that corner.



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