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Fuji announces new Cine lenses and updates X Series lens roadmap

Published On 22-February-2017

Not content along with its X Series mirror-less lenses and it’s recently announced medium-format GF range of lenses, Fujifilm is also introducing a new series of the Super 35mm cinema lenses, which would be known as MK.

First up is the 18-55mm T2.9, which would be available from next month (March), and this will be nearly followed by the 50-150mm T2.9, which is scheduled to launch in summer.

They would be available for E-mount of Sony along with Super 35mm or APS-C sensors initially, along with the X-mount versions available towards the end of 2017.

If you know Fujifilm just because of its cameras and, well, film, you might be surprised to know that the company also has a rich culture in cinematography, having been manufacturing its Fujinon lenses for years.

These two optics have been utilized on movie and TV sets across the world, and Fuji claims that the two new lenses will provide advanced edge-to-edge optical performance and low distortion. 

To prevent resolving issues associated with utilizing interchangeable lenses for still cameras in movie production, the front-focusing groups of lens elements as well as the zooming group of elements are driven independently of one another to overpower focus shift while zooming, which eradicates the requirement to re-focus after zooming in or zooming out.

The 18-55mm T2.9 would be available at $3,799 in the US, with pricing still to be confirmed for United Kingdom and Australia. The price of the 50-150mm is yet to be announced.

Fuji adds two lenses to X mount

Though things are still unclear to some extent, Fuji has also announced the development of two latest X Series lenses – a 'telephoto prime lens' and an 'ultra-wide angle zoom lens'.

Based on the current X Series group we could be looking at a wide-angle prime which is wider as compared to 14mm, and a telephoto approximately 200/300mm mark, however that's about all – as soon as we know more, we will update here.

Our Verdict:

Along with the exceptional new Auto-Focus system, lovely handling as well as an advanced sensor that delivers pin-sharp images, the X-T2 has to be one of the most desirable cameras available right now.

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